Monday, February 18, 2013

How We are Different

I posted the following item on our Facebook page and we had such a positive response I thought it was worth repeating here.

I was talking to one of the Mothers of a new student today and I asked her why she chose to send her daughter to our programme. Well she gave me a list of reasons and she was right on the button. It reminded me of how we are different and its worth repeating here.

Points of Difference at Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

Full curriculum that is not repeated in 4 years

Every class has a proper lesson plan

Classes are operated to ensure a structure and a safe and fun environment.

Curriculum is fully developed and used internationally

Trained teachers with wide experience and recognized qualifications

Students are not required to buy uniforms or T shirts

No prior experience or interest in drama is required

No exams or hurdles to jump, students grow at their pace

The emphasis is on life skills and not performing arts

Trail programme allows a try before you buy

Its true that we focus on self development skills for children and young adults. Yes we do some acting, mime and movement and speech, but the emphasis is not on being a star or the next best thing on stage. Its about being who you want to be and growing in a fun environment.

Graham Wilson
Executive Principal
Helen O'Grady New Zealand

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